2 Mill Lane

The Roses in the garden are lovely this year, particularly Boscobel (shown). The veggie garden is looking promising and we have a frog in the pond! Too beautiful too be omitted – the lily!

Doynton House

The record sunshine in May has given us our best ever show of roses.  Graham Thomas (yellow) has been in for three or four years and is – at last – putting on more than just a few blooms.  I’m very fond of Crown Princess Margareta (apricot-orange), seen here with lupin terracotta. Claire Austin is … Continue reading Doynton House

Woodlands Barn

Lockdown gardens this year.  I think we have all spent much more time in our gardens – and are reaping the rewards – I don’t think ours has ever looked tidier.  Now we just need some rain to stop it all completely drying up.


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