Doynton House

The record sunshine in May has given us our best ever show of roses. 

Graham Thomas (yellow) has been in for three or four years and is – at last – putting on more than just a few blooms.  I’m very fond of Crown Princess Margareta (apricot-orange), seen here with lupin terracotta.

Claire Austin is as reliable as ever along the fencing but we don’t think we have ever seen her so beautiful; most summers a few blooms can go brown if there is too much and sustained rain.  No fear of that in May 2020. 

Munstead Wood (deep crimson) has such a rich colour and a lovely scent, but at the moment the major fragrance wafting round the garden is the bubble gum scent of various philadelphus.  

But if you want froth, how about this crambe?

Orchard Barn, Powell Court

We made the garden when we moved to Doynton ten years ago. The garden then had nothing in it , and the field was very overgrown.

The house is a converted barn and the garden is where the bullocks went outside , so it was hard work to dig beds and plant anything. A lot of people gave us plants from their gardens when we moved in . 
There is a great view, and it comes with a lot of wind! 

J & R